By Caster Palaganas | Colleague

Nurse Arvin Pascual, our first Nightingale, first nurse modern day hero, who succumbed to COVID 19 - finally laid to rest today at 9 AM. Now with her mother... The saddest way to bid a loved one goodbye, but this is the way it goes during this times.

A fitting tribute to follow Arvin. For now, you are with your mom and all angels in heaven. Your death will teach us all well, praying that you will be the first and last to fall in this war.

We continue to fight. Thank you for the years that you have carried the Florence Nightingale lamp, that has provided warmth and hope to many patients, especially when hope was flickering and dim.

We continue to hold the nurse's lamp, today more than ever. Thank you for the wonderful 44 years.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Arvin Pascual.