Dr. Resurreccion, thank you for being a great mentor and inspiration. We lost a truly genuine, compassionate and competent pediatric surgeon. A person with dignity, optimism, and passion for work and life. I'm very fortunate to have trained under your guidance and leadership. I love how you always keep your cool and appreciate the little joys in life, whether it's biking, a selfie, good wine, or the bacon breakfast in the Philippine Children's Medical Center canteen.

I won't forget our hepatectomies and the occasional complicated surgeries. It was a great honor working with you. More importantly, you taught us that we should treat the Filipino children to the best of our ability and knowledge... and that's what we will do. Doc Resu, maraming maraming salamat po.

Dr Leandro L. Resurreccion III, Pediatric surgery, minimally invasive surgery, Pediatric liver transplant, chairman, father, friend, teacher... inspiration.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Cherry Anne Sio.