I am crying as I write this. We're watching "FLU" earlier when we received this sad news.

COVID19 info was all over but it was surreal until two people really close to us succumbed to it. One is a dear friend who helped us traverse our married life, a father/grandfather whose kids were unfortunately all abroad. To your bereaved wife, Tita... My heart goes to you.

The other one is our kinakapatid, Dr. Raldy Goco, head of Nuclear Medicine St. Luke's Medical Center. He is almost an older brother to Danny. He lost his battle on April 4.

His family took my husband into their home when he had practically no one here at that time. My in-laws were in Mindanao and being alone in Manila can either make you or break you. He was barely out of college then.

The sudden news of his passing makes this sorrow personal already. Kuya Raldy was a very kindhearted doctor who also happened to collects Danny's paintings.

Life is short. Probably too short when there's a pandemic scaring the wits out of us. They went ahead probably because their time is up. Who knows who will follow next. It's all just a matter of time.

Death is like a thief in the night. You don't know when it will strike. ust be prepared for it. Not with money nor material possessions. But with the ONE thing that will truly matter in the end.

As Paul said, "for me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil 1:21)

Photo taken from the Facebook page of Hope KKK Kalinga Kontra Korona.